Jillian and the Giant Pumpkin: Fall Shoot

Dan and I escaped DC for a quieter, colder, and more autumnal weekend in Connecticut. When I'm with his family, I love stealing his little sister for some photos - lucky for me, she always agrees. (Do it for the insta, Jill.)

I recently purchased a new camera body and I wrote about it a little bit on my photo Instagram (@LivBurnsPhoto). It was definitely the biggest - and only - professional investment I've ever made. Taking the leap of faith was terrifying, but I'm so happy to be challenging myself with new equipment and I love how the photos look.

I've already booked some shoots for the month of November, but feel free to book a shoot or inquire - I'll be in DC until December and then I'll be just a big ocean away until May. :)

- Liv

Grad Shoot: Jon

Jon's graduation shoot started on GW's campus (at our only noteworthy piece of architecture: the rotunda in Kogan, of course) and ended on the back side of the Lincoln, overlooking the Potomac and Arlington National Cemetery. Does it get more GW than that? 

This shoot wraps up a whirlwind weekend and my sophomore year of college - up & out!