Listening: Summer 2016

I definitely urge you to curate playlists for different seasons in your life - even if they're not actual meteorological seasons - because music truly has a special knack for freezing time, and seriously, do you really want to remember the golden years of your life with something like Call Me Maybe?

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Select Songs of the Summer

Little known fact: Dan and I love to curate playlists on Spotify. I usually don't throw the word "curate" around too easily - for fear of sounding faultily hip - but it's obsessive how meticulous we are about these things. The upbeat summer playlist below is just an example - we've been working on the master playlist (which is available on my Spotify account) since March. The perfect summer playlist sounds like your summer - this one, below, sounds like mine. Well, the segment of my summer that isn't being spent inside an office building (albeit a brand new, 120 million dollar one).