Life Update: January

Salut from Paris!

It's the end of my third full week here in Paris, and I find myself asking how long the honeymoon phase here will last. Some people I've asked said it never fully goes away, diminishing a little bit when you notice how much urine and dog poop there is in this city, and wake up with your mouth stained burgundy... but never completely. There is simply so much to love here.


I've spent the past couple of weeks exploring the 6e and the surrounding arrondissements. The Latin Quarter, just a quick walk from Saint-Sulpice, has a lot to offer. A nice walk across the river to Île de la Cité and then across Chatelet to the Marais. The shopping is incredible, of course, and I have to stop myself from stopping in every single store that I see.

I find myself remembering the past couple of weeks in little happy blurbs.

I found a really good sandwich place called Mmmozza (57 rue de la bretagne) - try a sandwich with pecorino cheese and peppercorns, arugula and speck. The food is incredible and only 6 euros. Even better is chatting with the multilingual guy who owns it; nothing like feeling linguistically inferior, a common experience in Europe!

I saw two... fascinating? spectacles with APA that were fabulous examples of the avant-garde theatre scene here and in Europe in general. Think some nudity, electronic music, and interesting mise-en-scènes. There were visits to Montmartre & Sacre Coeur, the Latin quarter and Mouffetard, and the Basilique of Saint-Denis. I spent a weekend in St. Malo & Mont. St-Michel, enjoyed the two-week orientation period, and have some sort of idea of my classes for the semester - but more to report on that in a later post once I have more than one class. (Whoops.) I also got the craziest haircut at this place I found - Serge d'Estel, Rue Vaugirard. The coiffeur, my hair, and the scissors were one big flurry of energy for approximately 7.5 minutes and I walked out later with a bob. 

My favourite thing, however, is eating and bonding with my family. It's kind of an interesting balance to have a family that you eat at home with (à la middle school) but then going out like a regular college student and staying out until the wee hours of the morning. That balance is a big reality for a lot of college students here as they usually stay at home until after college.