Listening: Summer 2016

Music - like certain scents - can bring me right back to a moment and a specific brand of nostalgia. For example, the soundtrack that I listened to in the spring of 2013 takes me back to conning Dan into driving me home from crew practice - even if that 'soundtrack' was simply what was playing on AltNation at the time.

It should, therefore, serve as no mystery that I love curating playlists! I honestly feel that it's the only time in my life where I get to tweak with what my future memories will be. (I also feel that way with perfume and have already picked out what I'm going to wear when I go abroad... I recognize that this is bizarre, trust me.) 

I shared this playlist last August and have kept adding to it since, but my summer playlists (here's last summer's too!) are truly my favorites and I look forward to creating them every year. I'll be the first to note that my personal music preference is a little confused - blame it on never truly belonging to a region in the US - but it lies between alternative/indie rock, top 40s, and a little deeply embedded country. I also really love when music stretches across different genres, particularly when it pulls from blues, r&b, and big-band.

I definitely urge you to curate playlists for different seasons in your life - even if they're not actual meteorological seasons - because music truly has a special knack for freezing time, and seriously, do you really want to remember the golden years of your life with something like Call Me Maybe?

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