If you need me, you can find me here

Thank goodness that five days is over because it's officially vacation time!

While I wrote that I was going sans-technology, I've reconsidered - mostly because I know that I have a limited number of SD cards and I like to shoot in RAW, and that the idea of going a week without accessing the New York Times online terrifies me. I've thus decided that I'm leaving my phone at home and fully relishing a week without any sort of vibration-notifications or pinging or those annoying technological noises before the semester starts. More importantly, I have decided to fully enjoy a week of Apples to Apples, card-playing, hiking, quarry-swimming, and *drumroll please* NAPS. Ugh, bless.

Vinalhaven is a small island off the coast of Rockland, Maine. It's inhabited by just over a thousand people in the off-season and swells to capacity in the summertime. It's quiet. There is no movie theater, and there's one grocery store. It can be reached by a 75 minute ferry, and Oliver, our one-year old Goldendoodle, is going to be the happiest person - dog - on the island. 

photo courtesy of http://autumnleavesofredandgold.tumblr.com/post/57990145144/vinalhaven-maine

photo courtesy of http://autumnleavesofredandgold.tumblr.com/post/57990145144/vinalhaven-maine

So if you need me, you can find me here. Probably well-rested, a little bit more tan, presumably wind-burnt, and feeling completely zen. Oh, and nineteen (yay for birthdays!)

See you guys in a week. :)