2016: Getting it all Straight (The Fun Way)

I am a SUCKER for infographics - there's something about the mixture of graphic design, clarity, and user-interaction that gets me every time. I'm also a sucker for politics, and I love this time of the election cycle. Our country seems so full of promise, hope, and... wanna-be pundits.

I've seen some really great infographics about the 2016 election on the web recently, and I decided to share.

1. At this point, who's even running? Keeping candidates straight is tough. This infographic makes it easy - especially with the links to key issues and pulled soundbites.

2. There was plenty of talk last election about SuperPACs (and with good reason) that with Donald Trump's monetary value as a point of conversation (and Bernie Sanders' dependence on grassroots fundraising), this election cycle doesn't seem so different. Here's a graphic about where the money is coming from - and who's winning the money race.

3. Who follows whom? Not the most serious of graphics, but seriously... Rand Paul follows Obama on twitter? Rick Perry USED to follow Beyonce? 

4. If you're the calendar marking type... here's the master list of caucuses and primaries. 

5. If you're having trouble keeping track of all of the Republican candidates... here's a mnemonic acronym from Bloomberg.

6. Not an infographic... but the New Yorker's cartoons always got me feelin' some kind of way. Mostly bemused. ;) 

Here's to a more intellectually organized start to the 2016 election... and the hope that Donald Trump will learn that shock value doesn't win elections. *prayer hands emoji*