Pretty Peepers

perfect vision is something we can all agree on - even more so when it looks pretty

I used to get headaches every. single. day. 

Sometimes this meant around 2 pm, but always before I fell asleep at night. I was constantly taking extra strength Advil (liquigels are preferred), and when one wouldn't work, I'd up my dose to three or four. 

A year ago, I had my eyes checked and I had a slight reading prescription, so I ordered readers from Warby Parker - these ones, to be exact. The problem with readers, though? In lecture, I had to wear them on the very tip of my nose so I could look at what I was typing or writing, and then look above them to see the lecture notes. The inconvenience meant that I never wore them, and instead preferred suffering through headaches. 

Late June, I had my eyes checked again. An astigmatism, distance prescription, AND reading prescription?

My optometrist asked if I had an iPhone... when I told her that I was just a teensy bit addicted to my technology, she sighed and explained that all that screen-time is taking a toll on my vision (and probably yours too.) 

The verdict? As I felt that contacts weren't necessary 24/7, I opted for glasses. These ones.

RayBan Clubmasters in Tortoise 

RayBan Clubmasters in Tortoise 

I loved my Clubmasters (as sunglasses) before I lost them in the depths of GW's campus last spring, and so I thought it was an easy choice. They're definitely striking and unique glasses - a little 1960s Mad Men-y, but also ultra-modern.

A note: progressive lenses take some getting used to, but I like how they're not as obvious as bifocals. You look through the center of the lens for distance, and move down the lens for reading prescriptions. They're definitely disorienting when you're driving and going down stairs, though, so I always plop them into the passenger seat or put them on my blouse when they're inconvenient. I'm really looking forward to sitting in lecture without straining. 

The best thing about my new glasses though? Zero headaches since I picked them up a few weeks ago. Sold.




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