Okay... so I was totally delusional when I promised to post every Tuesday.

Somewhere between recruitment, post-recruitment illness (snaps if you know what I mean, and snaps for... snapping), midterms, and parents weekend, blogging has taken a back-burner in the month of October. 

Fortunately, though, I've gotten the chance to do a couple fun things in the past two weeks, and I absolutely have to share!

Last Tuesday, I had lunch with Frank Fahrenkopf, former head of the RNC and current co-chairman on the Commission on Presidential Debates; my journalism school had him speak to myself and thirteen or so other students with some catered lunch... everybody loves free lunch. He began by telling us about himself - which, as good journalism students, we had already researched sufficiently - and then opened the floor for questions. We soon had him chatting about the current election, Joe Biden, the shift from podium-to-table formats, and the cooky-ness of the Republican party. Even if you're not a super political person, you have to admit... hearing the former head of the RNC talk about the crazies in his own party was so cool. 

Clear highlights for me? Learning his morning routine with his wife (he gets up at 4:45, works out, gets her a cappuccino and himself a coffee, and then they sit in facing chairs reading their respective newspapers #goals) and his Facebook habits (he likes it for the pictures of his grandchildren.) 

Wednesday night, I headed over to the J Crew in Georgetown to meet the one and only Jenna Lyons! Jenna, if you didn't know (like a few of the sales associates at the White House location... embarrassing!) is the creative director/sherpa of J Crew's modern age. Allie Provost of Prêt-à-Provost - and more importantly, one of my Chi Omegas at GW - invited me along for the event. Jenna and a crew of designers took questions, such as Favorite emoji? or What look from the 80s and 90s should be brought back? before turning people back to their cocktails, hors d'oeuvres, and photobooth. If you were wondering, it was the poop emoji and the prairie look... Allie and I died when Jenna stared wistfully off into the distance and said, "If I could bring something back, definitely that prairie look..." If anyone could bring it back, it would be Jenna! 

Jenna was funny and down-to-earth and so cool to meet. She's definitely a woman who marches to the beat of her own drummer and the brand has never been the same... better, if you read some articles, or worse.

PS sorry the photos are so iPhone-y... it would have been mega overkill if I'd shown up with my huge camera. 

I didn't get the chance to buy anything from the new collection (also... college student fund$) so I recycled things I already had and borrowed from friends for a look that was a little bit feminine but also a little bit city. I think. Still unclear. This isn't a fashion blog, thank God. 

I was honestly a bit stressed about what to wear and reached out to different people (thank you, Carly à la College Prepster, for the advice!). As I mentioned above, I'm definitely not a fashion blogger... or even a blogger in general, really. My Instagram isn't perfectly curated and neither is my life. When I walked into the room and saw a handful of DC's best bloggers, I almost wanted to turn around and walk right back out. But then there were bacon wrapped dates (and, you know, Jenna) and the rest is history.