My Paris

It’s an odd feeling, isn’t it – missing something before it’s left you. Unfortunately, time never slows in the face of nostalgia. Especially not in the warm, glinting haze that is Paris in May.

A Weekend in the Loire Valley: Photo Diary

This beautiful weekend saw a couple of things: the resultats of the premier tour of the French presidential elections (!), and an utterly gorgeous weekend in the Loire Valley. The Loire Valley spans 280 kilometres in central France and is referred to as the Garden of France thanks to an abundance of vineyards, châteaux, and orchards. Here's the weekend in photos - enjoy.

Abroad Travel Tips: Spring 2017 Round-Up

I've spent the semester doing social media for my abroad program, APA Paris, which includes weekly blogging... and a brief explanation as to why it's been relatively quiet over here on my personal blog. Here's a piece about travel tips I wrote a few weeks ago, and I'll be migrating content back over here as the upcoming weeks bring more free time and a stronger Wifi connection. 

It’s spring break (vacances de printemps) here in Paris, which means that a lot of APA students are enjoying their time-off with well-earned travel. Having been on the European continent for about three and a half months at this point, with plenty of travel to boot, many of us feel (honestly, a little delusionally) like seasoned travelers. We've tried pizza in Naples, gelato in Rome, and funny cinnamon sugar pastries in Prague; others have visited the Anne Frank museum in Amsterdam, and sunned themselves on the beaches of southern France. Here’s how we get from point A to point B – and the tools that help us do that