Glad you're here.

My name's Liv Burns, and I'm a journalist, photographer and avid reader. I have some serious opinions about aioli, and there's an embarrassing amount of space in my brain devoted to song lyrics. Most of the professional stuff you'll find on my resume. Everything else, though?

I believe in 6am flights, and getting incredibly, gloriously lost. I believe travel mishaps make for a greater story - ask me about that time I used counterfeit money in Naples (by mistake!) and had a run-in with the police - and I think you should never underestimate the power of human connection. I believe that everyone has a story, and that given the consideration, will share it with you. 

Check out my coverage of the Provincetown FIlm Festival for The Cape Cod Times here

I was recently published in The Washington Post Magazine. Check out the article here.

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